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Online order not delivered

I am so gatvol of Telkom not delivering.  After sooo many calls to them to a line that does not work or you are on hold for 20+ mins.  Why advertise a devise but you cant deliver.  It is soo frustrating!! System is forever down and please call again in 2 hours-every freaken day.  Pathetic man!! Then you come up with a slogan haow can we make my day, really!! "We have turned the cellphone industry on it's head'' Get you're systems to work first eish!


I've applied for a cellphone on 26 February,  no delivery to date!! Still waiting....

Posts: 2

Re: Online order not delivered

Going into my 3rd week of waiting for my order Huawei P-Lite, NO communication from Telkom! Call centre number is still not working 10213, still experiencing high call volumes like every single day.  i personally don't think you can handle the volumes. 


Can anyone come back with an answer?  are you still out of stock? why did you take my order if you cant deliver?  should i cancel my order?? how is it that you can't go to a store that has the stock and get your phone there? This is really concerning..Smiley Sad

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