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Please Help:) This is my last resort:)

I have this frustrating problemSmiley Happy 


Placed an order online 3 Feb 2018 and money was deducted on 13 Feb 2018Smiley Happy 


This was what happened after the lady called me back from  Telkom Online Orders:


1. I was pre-approved and then approved over phone.

2. Got NO email/sms welcoming me with order number.

3. Got a sms to say that debit order will be deducted and I must ensure there is money

4. Debit order went off on 13 Feb.

5. Numerous calls and emails and now community and I can get NO help whatsoeverSmiley Happy

6. Funny thing is that they cant give me my a order numberSmiley Happy They can see that I have ordered and even paid and they agree that it is a serious problem, but they cant help meSmiley Happy

7. R300 later in Cellc Airtime

8. I am tired now - its late on Friday and all weekend I will be pondering how it is possible to deduct money in SA from someones bank account without a order numberSmiley Happy I dont know much about our law, but I think this might be illegal?


Have a nice weekend all

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Re: Please Help:) This is my last resort:)

Hi @Walkdoglater and Welcome to the Telkom Community Forum :-) ,


I am terribly sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully we as a community can assist.


Can you kindly try and register your details on Telkom's site by visiting the following link Telkom registration online .


Once you have done that, you link your account number [from an invoice you received in the past?] and then you should see all your order numbers in the corresponding section. If still not sure, please respond here.


If the above doesn't help, your best bet is then to contact the Social Media team. They will respond in a timely manner and sort things out. You can find them on Facebook under Telkom [send a private message] or on Twitter at @TelkomZA . Sadly they are offline since 14:00 today so you can get them tomorrow from 08:00 to 14:00 . Only message during this time.


Hope this gets you going somewhere. Hopefully you find a way to enjoy the weekend Robot Very Happy

Hit that Thumbs Up/Kudos button if I or another member in the community has helped you. It can only inspire us to do better in helping everyone like yourself. Thank You! ❤
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Re: Please Help:) This is my last resort:)

Hi, I have a similar story. I placed an order for an iPad over the phone and was told that There was stock only to find out 3 weeks later that there wasn’t and no one knows when there would be stock so I had to cancel this deal. Now with Telkom’s policy on new contracts, they deduct money before you get anything, my money is gone...I have over a dozen reference numbers spoke to several people, even on Twitter and nothing... so to give you timelines, I placed the order on 9 Jan 2018, my account was deducted on the 10th Jan 2018...I cancelled the deal on the 26th Jan...and up to this day nothing, not even a call back...everyone who I speak to says they will get back to me...I’m really pissed Telkom...You guys should be ashamed of the way you treat people!!!
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Re: Please Help:) This is my last resort:)

You are not alone. #telkomtrauma is real. I am currently living through an episode myself. It has been going on since November 2017. Bought a LTE deal, cancelled the next day in the 7 day cool-off period and continue to be billed even though I have returned the device. There does not seem to be a cure

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Re: Please Help:) This is my last resort:)

Please just respond with a one-liner to this question:.


WHY AM I UNABLE TO CONTACT ANYONE at Telkom to get my refund that is owed to me.  I shouldn't even have to request a refund!!  Telkom sucks big time and I will never again do business with you.  Landline # in question is 0413795247.


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Re: Please Help:) This is my last resort:)



Sorry couldn't help dropping into this conversation but how do you know that it was actually Telkom maybe they were hacked someone played a scam on you thats why if i were   you i would first contact Telkom and discuss the situation and then they will give you references  then you can order it and don't order things from an unknown website.



Terribly sorry for your troubles 🤗

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