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Billing Dispute With Telkom

Hi there.


I opened a new contract with telkom in OCtober and at the end of the month I decided to do a payment of 1300 and 140 rand for both my Telkom contracts via the app. Without my knowledge this has to be done 10 days before month end, anyway at the end of the month the same amounts were debited from my account. I contacted Telkom to advise if this and the above mentioned incident was raised advising they would debit the money back to my account. I phoned on 10 December as I noticed my incident has been resolved and was advised the payment has been out through and it will take 7 working days for the money to reflect. Since then I had nothing sent to my account. I called again yesterday and the lady I spoke to asked that I send an email with my banking statement to mchunups@telkom.co.za and that I would get a response in the next 24 hours. I have not heard anything and tried to chase up with the lady via email but have not gotten any response thus the reason I am trying this approach as the incident was raised more than a month ago and I am not getting the relevant updates I need. I Constantly need to call in for an update and I am not getting the updates I need that guarantee that I will be getting my money on this day or time and as I said before this is money that i need and I cannot wait another month.


I have tried twitter as well but its of no use as they have responded to one message but since they have just ignored me.


Reference number is :25899767, this has been raised on 01-12-2018 and resolved on 07-12-2018 without any refund. I have been constantly calling in for an update to this and have never gotten the valid updates i need and to this day I am still awaiting an update on when I will be getting my money.


Is there any other way I can escalate this to get this resolved without having to call telkom?

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Re: Billing Dispute With Telkom

Hi There,


i am also facing issues with Telkom billing since June 2018 when I opened a new contract with them. I have tried to resolve the issues by calling them, visiting a Telkom store (they said that cannot assist), contacting Telkom twitter as well as Telkom facebook so many times and while some replies, the issue still not solved. At same time I have logged several disputes in the system since July till now (e.g. 23966315,  23966315, 24166365, 24557577, 24886731, 25395312, 25670830, 26139102 ) which are still at stage " "We are busy investigating the cause of the problem." or "New". I have also been advised at one moment to send a message to an email address:  networm@telkom.co.za, but sent a few and no reply or action and the issue is still pending resolution despite of spending hours and hours attempting to follow up with Telkom. Because the issue is pending for months and some attempts for adjustments during the period (but still wrong) and also an issue of charging wrongly a device to one of my invoices during same period, everything became complicated. Now I have developed an excel sheet "Telkom Dispute File" (below as photo) which provides an overview having enclosed all relevant info for sorting out this issue which is pending for more than ½ year:

  1. List of relevant Telkom’s invoices (dates, number, amounts)
  2. List of all payments to Telkom = matching the total of Telkom’s invoices;
  3. Amount supposed to be paid for each invoice based on the Telkom’s package cost (internet uncapped 40 Mbps)
  4. Amount disputed for each relevant invoice, including justifications, calculations and reference of disputes created and still pending from month of July 2018 till now
  5. Total amount to be credited by Telkom to account 337082614 as of Jan 2019 (amount under dispute) = R 3,436.58I really hope Telkom will finally sort out the billing disputes and start billing me correctly starting from next month, as extremely frustrating for months. Any advise would be of course appreciated.


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