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Good day 


Please note that 3 weeks back, I went to Telkom opposite 60 Main Street Johannesburg to report that my phone has been stolen and I would like to do a sim swap for my contract sim. However, I was not advised to block the sim card or the phone. I was just informed that they cannot assist me because I should have a proof of payment. I didnt understand because I am an existing client, why should I produce proof of payment everyday. I was told this by an employee and the rude manager. 


I recently found out that the simcard has incurred more than R400.00 in cost. I was supprised because I have not used that sim card since the phone was lost. I contacted the call centre, however Dikeledi informed me that someone has been using the simcard, tramsfering data. I didnt understand that either, even though the sim card was not blocked, it had a pin. How was that bypassed?. I asked her to send me proof of same, however the document that she sent me only had the other other number and not the one I was enquiring about. I dont think I should be liable for the amount incurred on that number, as it was the negligence of your employees I am in this state. 


I am very disappointed in Telkom's service and I am going to hold off on the payment until this is resolved. I have been a loyal customer, I have paid my contracts on time and this is highly unacceptable. Please resolve this or I will have to take this matter further. 



Khanyisa Hlungwane 


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Re: Complaint

Good Day Khanyisa


It is unfortunate that sometimes our matters are handled differencently, I feel your issue could've been handled easier, and your matter could've been resolved within minutes.


I am sorry that your phone was stolen, I would advise to visit a different branch - right now most Telkom Branches are a mess. I will be writing Telkom Solutions on iBusiness soon as it's launched. I am sorry for your experience.

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