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Email authentication

I have applied for a stand alone email from Telkom on the 07th of November. Till now I can not get it working. It gives an error on the password and username. I have logged a fault numerous times. Every time they say it has been activated. However on the Do messaging I get the same error about the password. I have vodacom fibre. Phoned them as well. It is an authentication error as it does not recognise my username and password. How difficult can it be to fix for IT. It is nearly 2 weeks since I changed the fault to an IT fault. No luck. In the mean time I am losing all my emails as I actuallly had an intekom address which I can not activate as a stand alone so I need to get the telkomsa.net activated and then create an Alias to receive emails to my old intekom address. Currently I am considering activating a Vodacom email and just losing all my emails over the last month period.

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Re: Email authentication

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