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Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

Today I received a fixed wireless phone (AGP-KW125) to use as a voice line on the Closer option but it comes with 10GB data usage as well. I have no idea how to set it up so that I can connect to the Internet and use the phone to set up a wi-fi hotspot in my home. The manual doesn't help. How do I do it?

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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

Is there a softcopy of the manual? I googled but can't find anything.  If I can read something might be able to assist...


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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

Post an email address then I will forward you a user manual.

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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

@Buzz24 The user manual can now be found on the vendors site - http://www.sstelecoms.com/product/atel-agp-kw125-4/

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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

[ Edited ]

Here is the directions on setting the hotspot up.

  • Press the menu button, navigate to the Connectivity icon (last icon, bottom right), press OK
  • navigate down to number 5 (Internet tethering), press OK
  • goto no 1 (WLAN Hotspot), press OK
  • use the right direction switch until no 1 display On
  • navigate to no 4 (security mode), use direction switch to right to change the security mode (either open network or WPA2 PSK)
  • if WPA2 psk is chosen navigate to no 5(password) and input a password of your choice
  • press save
  • press Yes to Share phones Internet connection, it will state Please wait and when ready it will say OK.

Your hotspot is now ready to use.
If you want to check your usage, and you have a an Android cell phone, download the Telkom Mobile app.
If you want to check your usage, open the app and navigate to the top menu item (view balance) select it an it will show you your balance of usage for the month.

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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

Just a tip for Linux users. Select "COM PORT" when tethering via USB and set up a mobile broadband connection in Network Manager for 8.ta
(or just use 'internet' as the APN)
For some weird reason this works while "USB TETHERING" doesn't.

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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

How do i tether using the SS-T98 Model?

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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet



How do i tether the internet off my wireless device (SS-T98).


Can i do it directly off the phone or will i need to use a router?


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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet

I've tried this settings on my AGP-KW125. When I reach the part to input a password and save, it tells me invalid password. It doesn't allow me to save. I've even tried the default password which doesn't work. What other password can I use.
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Waya Waya Wireless phone - Telkom DWR-720/P

Telkom delivered a DWR-720/P for a prepaid line for the pending Fibre line they rolling out as the copper line will be discontinued


Question is after the phone is charger and SIM inserted, what needs to be done to get it working?

Telkom not very helpful on the phone

Does the SIM need to be RICA first?

It was charged and sim card installed but theres no dial tone


Any ideas?




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