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Fraudulent Billing on cancelled contract

My contract on number 082 964 3652 expired in November 2017. I cancelled the contract on 2 December 2017 and switched the number to prepaid after way too many issues with Telkom contracts.


After opening numerous cases to inform Telkom that I am STILL being debited monthly for the cellphone contract, I am still receiving invoices to the full amount, even though my phone has been on prepaid for almost 3 months! The stores are useless, the call centres are useless, the whole bunch are useless. All cases logged just keep being closed as "resolved", wich is absolute bull$*^!


The incompetance never ceases to amaze me. What you are doing is illegal and I better be reimbursed for every cent illegally debited from my account. I have lodged a case with the NCC and will be opening a fraud case against your useless company.Screenshot1.jpgScreenshot2.jpgContract cancellation.jpg

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Re: Fraudulent Billing on cancelled contract

Good for you!!!
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