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How did you choose current phone?

Whether it's Manchester United or Liverpool, everyone has a reason for their choice.


How did you go about choosing your current phone or tablet?

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Re: How did you choose current phone?

Interesting question - I am someone that always has trouble picking something. Especially if it's something as important as a new phone Smiley Tongue

So after 2 years with the Samsung Galaxy S4 I had a few certainties:

  • I wanted to stay on Android - I switched off iPhone for the Galaxy and would honestly never look back
  • I wanted to go off Samsung - too many stock apps that slowed my phone down


I was considering either a Nexus (Google Phone), a Sony Z5 (for the waterproof) or the OnePlus 2.


After getting some great feedback from the OnePlus 1, I managed to get my hands on an invitation for the OnePlus 2 - it's a great phone:

  • 2 SIM cards, great for people who travel or have a work/personal phone
  • Half the price that the major flagships, let me go on a sim only deal (under 400USD) and save LOADS
  • 64 gig of storage and 4 gig of RAM
  • Runs on Oxygen OS, which is an authorised modified version of Android - basically removes all the stuff that slows it down.


It sadly doesn't have: removable SD card, removable battery and water/dust proof - but for the price it really makes up for it.


The finish is really great, and after a few months of using it I couln't be happier. Yes, it's still teething for some stuff, but again - their support is really good and the support teams are responsive.


Would definitely recommend for anyone wishing to get off the big brands for something as reliable and with better value for money. 

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Re: How did you choose current phone?

I have an LG TV at home and a Samsung bluetooth soundbar, so the flexibility and ease of connectivity with an Android to any smart device is a WIN! Currently have a Sony Xperia Z2 (camera is insane) And I support Manchester United.

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