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Is there anyway I can speak to management or someone who knows what is going on??

Iv order a phone with Telekom, money has been deducted yet it's been 2 months and still no phone it was said 2 months later that my order has been cancelled due to no stock of that colour, surely i should have been given the option to change? Instead I was told that they waiting on stock and not sorry we cancelled your order due to discontinued phone. Then 2 weeks ago I told them I'm fine with the silver phone since that's what they have in stock only to find out 2weeks and everyday phone calls that there is no such order on the system
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Re: Is there anyway I can speak to management or someone who knows what is going on??

Caron, unfortunately not.  Most rediculous situation ever, never seen anything like this ever.  You cannot even get hold of the office of the Minister of Telecommunications - phone rings, goes to mailbox, all of them.  Listed number for Telkom head Office in Pretoria, "the number you dialed does not exist".  This is just SICK.  7 weeks now with an email problem, hours upon hours on the line not a single understandable reason what is going on besides "being attended to".


Please people is there any way we can as a group aproach these despots that hide behind the call centre staff as this is unacceptable that when one has such dysfunction in just about every department in Telkom there is not a single person one can get hold of to take responsibility.

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