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Landline and ADSL

I was supposed to have my landline and ADSL installed on Monday 20 Feb 2017.  They are now coming tomorrow 23 Feb 2017.  Do I get a telephone with my landline installation and how do I go about adding a router to my order before they come tomorrow?

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Re: Landline and ADSL

@LynnBateman, you don't get a phone, will have to buy one. Try Incredible Connection, Game, Makro etc...

As for the router, you get one free if you signed for a 24 month contract for the ADSL. Otherwise also try the stores mentioned above to buy one.



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Re: Landline and ADSL

Thank you for your reply.  I bought both last night ready for them to install today - they didn't pitch!!!!  Second day this week.  They have "escalated" my call for what thats worth

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Re: Landline and vdsl and router support

hi guys i got a adsl line and i upgraded to vdsl and i bought the routers from telkom can someone help me on how to connect my routers to work because i did the setup wizard and applied but nothing changed and it shows no internet i have a d-link dsl g225 vdsl router and this is how i connected it i disconnected my land line phone and connected the line to the dsl port on the router is that step ok because i am not using this phone so i never add the splitter and theres a port called wan thats where i connected my adsl ethernet cable which brings internet from my main router in the other floor so is there anything wrong i am doing and i did try using the splitter and the complete setup but never work so tried the steps i just told

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