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Lte network

I have a Samsung galaxy A5 from Telkom who advertise it as LTE capable.
It however is not lte capable, I logged a complaint and even Escalated it to the exec escalations dept but have not gotten any proper reply exept that it is not compatible with the Telkom lte network.
Any idea what steps I can take to swop it for a device which will support their lte network from Telkom. I even tried Icasa but telkom is not replying to them either.
(I think Telkom needs to be fined not mtn for the level of their service)
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Re: Lte network

@Rocket I checked on GSMArena and the phoen is capable of LTE, but Telkom's LTE works on 2300Mhz frequency and this phone does not support that band


4G bandsLTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800) - A500F, A500FQ, A500FU
 LTE band 3(1800), 7(2600), 8(900), 28(700) - A500YZ





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Re: Lte network

Correct, but mine is an A500F
And it doesn't support the Telkom 2300Mhz frequency, however Telkom still advertises it as LTE voice and data enabled, you can confirm that on their website.
Any idea on how to get them to change my device for one that supports it?
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Re: Lte network

Samsung Galaxy A5 Enabled 4G but not confirmed LTE but otherwise this mobile phone is good in use
You can check also their support the Telkom 2300Mhz frequency on their website.

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