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New wireless landline

We received the new wirless landline phone for prepaid. Put sim in and airtime ect....we can call out but cant receive calls???? If you call our number it rings on the callers phone but not on our unit??? Please advise
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Re: New wireless landline

Hi Carol @Carolep


Sorry don’t know much about the wireless phone , we don’t use FLLA but sounds like the phone is diverting / forwarding your incoming calls  - have you tested from a caller outside your home wifi network ?


This link might be useful to check your settings :-



Then a reboot may do the trick,  otherwise or you might need to call Telkom tech dept 10210 ( early 8 am best).


Good luck , hope this helps.

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Re: New wireless landline

Had the same problem . Phoned 10210. Spoke to agent who said nothing he could do and could take up to 72 hours to become fully activated . Spoke to supervisor who had a don't care attitude. Said this is not what I was told when accepting product and was going to take this further and also put it con social media. Problem was fixed within 1 hour. Maybe I was lucky . Downside was phone was delivered by courier on 23-10-2018 and only activated today 5-11-2018

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Re: New wireless landline

I have had the new Telkom  Wireless landline since the beginning of January, the only problem I have is that I cannot call one particular number it just says "this number does not exist" and it definately does as I call it every day. I have been calling the call center since the beginning of January and nothing is being done they have checked both lines for any blocks and they are clear, I went into the Telkom Shop at the Mall@Carnival and was promised to be called back and I am still waiting. I am getting so fustrated. Anyone experiencing the same problem?

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