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No calls on TelkomSA-R

Hi. I live in Pietermaritzburg and I have a Sansui 3G Android driven phone. Over the last few weeks I experiance that my phone keeps changing to Telkom-R (Roaming on Vodacom), often even when I am in an area where there is Telkom signal. at the top of my Phone, where it normally says TelkomSA, it then says TelkomSA-R (Data Connection only) and I can't make or receive any calls and I have a business and am loosing money and have some very frustrated customers complaining they can't get hold of me. Even when I am back in an area with strong Telkom Signal, it won't automatically switch back and i have to manually select Telkomsa 3G. I'm aware of Telkom switching to Vodacom for roaming. Is Telkom aware of this problem?

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