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Number Change

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I initially requested a number change (TELKOM MOBILE to TELKOM MOBILE) on the 1 Feb 2016 & was advised that there is a 72 WORKING hour waiting period for it to be implemented (REF: 11798603). After the period expired I was then informed that the 72 WORKING hour period is ONLY for my case to be allocated to a person WHO will contact me(still waiting) to resolve my request.


At any other SP it will take them 48 hrs sometimes less to do a number change. WHY OH WHY do a person have to wait 72 working hours ONLY for my request to be allocated to somebody???????


IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A LITTLE SERVICE EXCELLANCE??? I am still waiting to be called by someone...anyone!!!!!!





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Re: Number Change

Just reading about your experience scares me.I just sent through my number change request today.Honestly,I'd rather sign up for a new contract and cancel the existing one (SIM ONLY)...but then again, I don't know how long that wwould take.Eish Telkom...we love the deals but the service is totally the opposite.

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