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Samsung A5 is not lte compatible

I took out a mix contract with the Samsung A5 which Telkom advertised and still advertises on it website and its leaflet as LTE enabled,
However please be aware that the Telkom network does not support the spectrum which the device supports.
I contacted Telkom but they refuse to assist besides informing me that it won't work on their lte network as advertised.
(can anyone assist)
(Telkom states in their document on how to resolve complaints, that if the complaint is Escalated and still not resolved we should ask the escalations dept for the contact details of the office of the ceo of Telkom. It's gone a few weeks now and they don't want to assist me nor are they providing me with the contact details, if anyone has those details please forward them to me)
Posts: 4

Re: Samsung A5 is not lte compatible

It's is clearly advertised on the website as LTE enabled
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