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Telkom Mobile 4g GSM Bands

Hi all


I am currently with Telkom Mobile and I'm considering buying the new OnePlus 5t. I just want to confirm that as a device that does not support GSM band 2300mhz but does support 1800mhz that it will be ok to work locally and pick up 4g via Telkom Mobile? I'm struggling to get clarity on the 1800mhz band for 4g via Telkom? The phone's connectivity specs are below:





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Re: Telkom Mobile 4g GSM Bands

Hi @yetirat and Welcome to the Telkom Community forum ^_^ ,


Telkom uses 1800Mhz, sometimes 2100Mhz and 2300Mhz . If you find the model that can do 2300Mhz, bonus cause you will see CA [Carrier Aggregation] which will combine both bands  giving you very high speeds in areas that are supported using LTE-A .


In simple terms, it will work.  Smiley Wink . I think upto 30Mbps down/10-15Mbps up +- .Smiley Very Happy


Let us know your speeds.







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Re: Telkom Mobile 4g GSM Bands

Thanks guy! Appreciate it.


Will report back for others once I've done some testing. 

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Re: Telkom Mobile 4g GSM Bands

Glad to read this informative post!

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