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Telkom nougat roll out

Good day all
I was just wondering if anyone had some info with regards to when telkom will be rolling out the nougat (android 7) upgrade for xperia xa?
It was released in UK, Australia and few other countries on 16th June 2017 anyone know how long before SA networks start releasing it? I have heard about flashing your device with a custom ram from one of the other countries but I'm scared it might brick my device or not let my telkom sim work?

Any info or thoughts please share.
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Re: Telkom nougat roll out



Anyone ????


Does anyone Know how long it took other sony models to get nougat after the us and uk released it?



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Re: Telkom nougat roll out

@Selwynlandman, the wait might be long, not just in SA but the rest of the world. Google and device makers are notoriously bad at distributing the latest versions of Android. Check this link, Nougat is only installed on 6.6% of devices as of May 2017.


- https://www.statista.com/statistics/271774/share-of-android-platforms-on-mobile-devices-with-android...


I used to chase the latest versions like a teenage groupie. I once rooted a new HTC Sensation 1 hour after getting it so that I could install the latest ANdroid ROM on it, even had to take a short wire and cross connect 2 parts of the circuit board in order to gain root access. Nervous stuff. I soon realised though that all that really changes is the look and feel of the menu and icons, and your phone gets a little slower. NOT WORTH IT!

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Re: Telkom nougat roll out

Hi LordLethal 


Thanks for taking the time to respond. i have also considered flashing my Xperia Xa with US rom but havent done it before so still to scared to try.


So for now i will just try and wait patiently. i did take about 3 months when the last security pach update cam out for me to get it so i'm anticipating about the same wait (that means end September)



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Re: Telkom nougat roll out

Just an update for anyone that is wondering. I received the update this morning (2nd August 2017) so it was 1 and Half months wait since the original release on the 16th June 2017 and about a month since they re-released it end of June (after bugs where found).


So i havent had much time to play around but one thing i noted is that there is almost 2Gig more space on my device (evan though there are a few more bloat ware apps).



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