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Unable to Activate iMessages after Porting to Telkom on iPhone

I recently Ported three numbers from MTN to Telkom on Contract Smart 100. However I'm not able to Activate iMessage or Facetime now. Logged with Telkom and got a call to visit an iStore to solve this. Calling iStore did no get much success, told me that unless I bought the iPhones from them, they can't help me. Anyway will try to visit them if I must (it's a full day travel to get to one). 

I checked FAQ on Telkom and came across the same problem but not that helpful. Problem was due to International SMS not reaching me from certain countries. US is of course on the connected list but maybe Apple sends from a non-listed country?

On Mybroadband I got an interesting answer, Connect iPhone to iTunes on PC and Activate. Tried that but still no joy.

Seeing that all three of my iPhones are now not connected to iMessage, this must happen to many more.

Does anyone have an answer for us that will work?


Thanks very much



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Re: Unable to Activate iMessages after Porting to Telkom on iPhone

In case anyone else has this problem I will explain how I sorted not being able to Activate iMessages.

I ported the three numbers to telkom on Smartsave 100 Contracts. Now having used a Telkom Contract before I missed something.


The Telkom Contract did not include SMS, only Airtime and Data, who would ever think that?


I tried sending a SMS to someone and couldn't, it was then that I started investigating why I couldn't do that, only to be told at the Telkom Shop that I had to buy them first, not on the Contract but via extra bought Airtime, which after I did allowed an SMS to be sent to Apple to Activate iMessage Service.


Would have been a lot easier if the Telkom Shop staff who signed me up for three Contracts had advised me that they do not include SMS.


Anyway all fine now after a difficult week without my Facetime and iMessage Service I normally use all the time.

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Re: Unable to Activate iMessages after Porting to Telkom on iPhone

How long did it take for your iMessage to be activated? Mine is taking forever. 

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