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Voice quality and quality signal availability

I have received my new mobile devise and I haven't as yet opened package as yet not knowing whether Telkom will be able to provide network quality comparable to Vodacom.


Any advice? What about porting my existing number? Do I cancel my existing service with another SP? 


Can I cancel and return device if network service quality is poor? 

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Re: Voice quality and quality signal availability



In my experience Telkom mobile network quality heavily depends on your area.

If you're in an urban area it's usually good, similar to Vodacom. 

Signal strength is sometimes an issue in 'rural' or undeveloped areas which impacts all service providers.

Personally I usually have no signal in certain parts of the Drakensberg but this is to be expected. 


If you port your number, it will be registered on the Telkom network and will be cancelled on your current network.


Cancellations depends on your contract but there is usually a settlement fee involved.

If the quality renders the device unusable you might be able to make a case for cancellation.

If you're paying another service provider for the same service, cancellation of one would be a cheaper solution (If the device is on contract and has reached the end of your term) 

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