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What is the vital role of social connectivity in mobile games?

The industry for mobile game apps has now become one of the most rapidly growing and influential domain within just a few years. From top trending games such as angry birds and fruit ninja up to the most advanced virtual reality mobile game apps, it is unquestionably fun to have an entirely new set of gaming experience while enjoying on-demand social media integration that enables gamers to connect with their friend. With a few couple of years, the mobile gaming industry progressed at a much faster rate and generated almost $35 billion in the year 2017. While reviewing the valued comments and findings from the majority of industry experts signifies that social media has played a vital role in the overall progress of today’s mobile game development industry. Expert game developers from a game app development company said that social integration is one of the topmost prioritized features for them and without it a mobile game app is less likely to gain users attention. For more visit https://www.ingic.com/california/iphone-app-development/

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