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What poor and frustrating service!!!

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I received my mobile device (P9) on 5 October 2016.  During the course of november and december that year i found  certain functions on the phone was not operating. I have email correspondance with 180@telkom.co.za since then. They eventually advised in mid Jan 2017, they were not able to help.

Was then told to take my phone to a shop.

I did not have another phone so i had to wait. I eventually got a phone and handed by phone over to the clearwater mall shop on 17 March 2017.


I received an sms today, 31 March 2017 advised "Dear (my name) your device is out of warranty and deemed Beyond Economical Repair, and assessment fee is payable of R188.10incl VAT. payment to Telkom........"


See how frustrating this is, no one took the time to explain read into the problem and when i was experienced, further my understanding is that the phone has a 1 year warranty. Even if it is 6 months however can it be out of warranty??? 5 October to 5 April is 6 months!!!


If feel like cancelling my contract and will take this matter further if they frustrate me further....it's a shame cause i find there package suites me find but the after sales service another matter.

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Poor service from Telkom Store Menlyn Mall

I took a phone in to Telkom at Menlyn mall. I deal with Solomon.

On 10 Aug 2017 i took a Huawei P9 lite in to be quoted first for the reason it was a work phone for a guy who resigned to finish with my company in August. I told Solomon what my problem is, with the following.

I need the quotation urgently by the 24 August 2017 so that i can deduct the quoted amount from the guy who work for us salary for the touch panel thats broken. Solomon form telkom then told me that i dont have to worry and that will be having the quote by the 18 of August so i told him wow that would be nice. OK by the 18th i did not yet receive it so it didn't bother me because its still a few days before my guys salary. By the 24 i started calling with no luck and continue to struggle today i got hold of CTMI Africa they told me that the phone was only received by the 31 and then started working to quote and after that the quote was sended to telkom. i got hold of Solomons email address with him replying that there was other methods of how it work so be quoted.

if he told me that and the truth the day i was there i would have told him that he must leave it i will take it els where. to a repair center that would have been faster on the quoting method. anyway

trying to reason with him the started giving me a snotty attitude i then reply'd insisting on his manager to contact me, so that i can reason with her.

she called me today 05/09/2017 in the late afternoon. so i started telling her my story with me not even half way in to my story what happens. i then started chirping in and starting to raise her voice at me telling me that he told me thats the methods how it works so i asked her is he now making me a liar. with her now starting to almost loose her temper so i started raising and started shouting at her to a point where she just kept on yelling
so i started to make a lalalala noise and put the phone down in her ear.

I mean from a MANAGER thats what we as customers should be happy with. Do as they say if they see that they made a mistake to now blame the customer. please help me with assistance to sort out this problem with rude staff of telkom menlyn mall. and i would please like to ask you to check google reviews about menlyn mall telkoms service what other people is writing reviews of please please.

my reason is that i want to know who is now going to pay for the damage because i asked him Solomon for the urgent quote and only received it today.

Its staff members like Solomon and the manager of Telkom Store in Menlyn that gives company like Telkom a bad name.

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