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Your thoughts on the new iPhone 8 & X

So Apple released their 2017 phones last week. The rumour mill had pretty much already dished out all the secrets. So what did Apple Release?


  • Firstly there was no iPhone 7s like past years. They skipped straight to the 8/8Plus.
  • Because it is the 10 year anniversary since the first iPhone was launched, they released a top TOP of the range iPhone X, and what a beaut! It comes with a bezelless OLED screen, dual camera, facial recognition and a huge price ($1000 -$1149)

To compare with Android phones, you could compare the iPhone 8 with the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X to the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.


All round, regardless of the device/OS/platform/manufacturer you chose, you will not be disappointed. Just expect to pay a huge monthly fee to be the proud owner of these devices.


Please share your thoughts on this thread.

  • Should you upgrade?
  • should you go Apple or Android?
  • Should you go 8 or X?
  • Should you go 8 or 8 Plus?
  • What will the new phones do for you that your older phone can't?


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Re: Your thoughts on the new iPhone 8 & X

ordered the iphone 8 on pre order 2 weeks ago wondering whats the hold up on the pre order Smiley Sad

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Re: Your thoughts on the new iPhone 8 & X

@Moh, a pre-order is just that, A Pre-Order, usually on new releases to book your device before stock arrives in the country. Apple usually announces the device but that doesnt mean you can get them straight away. It is a massive undertaking to launch such a highly aniticipated device globally within such a short time of announcing it.

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Re: Your thoughts on the new iPhone 8 & X


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