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installing Huawei B-525

After setting up a Huawei router, and when using the Internet, a message pops up from site saying I should follow instructions to make the device more secure.  Login, user name, password etc.  I'm concerned that this might be a scam.


Does anyone know if it's okay just to leave device name and password as is (and ignore this popup thing)? I'm very happy with things just as they are


I'd really welcome advice.



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Re: installing Huawei B-525

Hi Ken @kenharley


I don't use that router, but sounds like the warning means your security key / password/s need to be changed to secure your wifi network & prevent anyone in range of your wifi signal logging in to your home network and using your data.


You can log in to your router interface without clicking on the warning . Have a read through Telkom's router setup guide here - step 7 refers the security aspect :- 



Hope this helps.  


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Re: installing Huawei B-525

Thanks so much, Kathy1. Your guidance is very clear and  I'll follow up on this.  You're a real star.

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Re: installing Huawei B-525

@kenharley,  cheers for letting me know . Pleasure to help, hope your security change works OK,  just post back if you don't come right.  😊


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