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Community Manager
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How much Data is enough per month?

Gone are the early days of ADSL in South Africa where 3Gb was the standard Cap. This was almost as limiting as Bill Gates' statement that 640K memory is more than anyone will ever need.


In the age of the Internet, data can set you free. From streaming Netflix in all its 4k glory to keeping your latest PS4 games updated.


Vote in our poll as we look at how much data is enough for our Community member.



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Re: How much Data is enough per month?

I would say that 200Gb of Soft Capped data would do the trick. My kids stream on YouTube quite a bit and I find that I download quite a bit of 720p and 1080p series and movies on top of Netflix streaming in HD. I dont game much anymore. The updates of games chow a load of data each month.


The minimum connectivity that an SA citizen should have is a 10Mbps line and 100-200Gb per month.

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Re: How much Data is enough per month?

my home internet is a 4Mb/s ADSL line and 100Gb soft capped account. Between Facebook, YouTube and Torrent (Cat Embarassed) I use about 80Gb on average a month. That said, I dont watch every single series out there, I pick 1 and watch an episode an evening so I am not a power user.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Posts: 141

Re: How much Data is enough per month?

Ok, so the results are in, our members have spoken.  In total 30% of our members agree that 250Gb of data is suitable for their needs per months.


For those looking for a data package, check our Soft Capped products - https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/shop/home/plan/200-gb-softcap-v-plan/


Ammount of Data Number of Votes
250Gb Votes: 29
100Gb Votes: 24
> 1Tb Votes: 20
3Gb Votes: 8
50Gb Votes: 7
10Gb Votes: 4
20Gb Votes: 4
Total Votes 96
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