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Paying for a phone I don't have

To give some background: I am a Type 1 diabetic and want to purchase a CGM (continuous glucose monitoring system). In order for the CGM to work, I require an Android 7 operating system to run the application for the CGM.

I ordered a cellphone online through Telkom which stated that it was an Android 7. The saleslady over the phone confirmed multiple times that the cellphone indeed had the operating system I am looking for. She also added that I could return and cancel the contract within 7 days of receiving the cellphone should I not be happy with my purchase.

The cellphone arrived and did NOT have the operating system required or promised over the phone, hence the app did not work. I then phoned Telkom and explained why I did not want it - the reason being that I received a cellphone I did not want or was promised to me. The cellphone was picked up by their couriers within 7 days after I received it.

Since then, I am still paying the contract MONTHLY for a cellphone I do not have! I have tried to cancel (email, phone, Telkom branch) yet nothing has happened and no one has returned any of my queries or phone calls. According to the Telkom branches they can't assist me, because it was ordered online.

Can someone please assist in telling me how to cancel the contract again? Telkom must also reimburse the money stolen, since I am paying for a cellphone I do not have.

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Re: Paying for a phone I don't have

Hi @rferreira1


Sorry to hear of your issue  but unfortunately Telkom support agents won’t see your post here  . The community is unable help with service issues (we’re customers).  You can use their support channels here :  Telkom Service Channels: How to get Help


If you've already received a cancellation ref you should call 10210 & log an accounts dispute ( early 8 am best),  and/or message an urgent complaint with your contract details & previous case refs to a Telkom media team for decent feedback & results. 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Then if all else fails submit a detailed complaint to ICASA . 


Hope this helps, good luck - please let us know what happens.

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