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Poor customer service

To whom this may concern.

In August 2017, we apply online for the August deal that was 10gb anytime + 10gb night time and later called by one of Telkom’s sales agent for finalisation and approval, however we received 20gb anytime which is about double the price of August deal of R199. This we only realised when we were billed R882.81 and queried; then on the 19/20 October, we registered a complaint with the Telkom branch in East London, Vincent and given case number 21521618. About 7 days later (27 October) only after few times calling the call centre, we were told that the case was closed because it was sent to the wrong department and whoever closed it did not bother to contact us the complainants. We again registered another complaint and given case number 21563035; after calling the call centre several times being told that the case has not been attended to, on the 6th November 2017 we were told to call the sales department and we called and told that someone will look at the dispute. Despite all this we grudgingly paid R881.81, because we do not want unnecessary bad credit record and had hoped that the professionalism and customer orientation at Telkom will prevail and have the dispute sorted as soon as possible. We soon realised that we were mistaken because instead of getting the dispute sorted, we got billed again R499.94 despite not even using the data and device since registering the dispute. To date I cannot count how many calls we have made and sent pillar to post between customer services and sales without any sign that the dispute will be looked at any time soon.  

I am writing this with the hope that someone will help us as soon as possible and that Telkom remain the reputed best SOE we always believed. The current actions or none of, indicate the opposite but we however hopefully believe that someone will understand the feeling of being swindled or not protected as a customer.

Yours faithfully,

Unhappy customer

L Jwambi

Posts: 2

Re: Poor customer service

Hi there. Can anyone please assist; my query has not been resolved, instead the more than 30 days case was closed again without any conclusion or advising as us. To date there is outstanding balance of R798.94 for something that we are not even using. Please I beg you to assist because this is going to affect our credit record.

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