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Service Cancelled but still bieng billed and now handed over

I had to relocate and Telkom was not able to relocate because the new location did not yet have Telkom services installed. An operator told me that I should cancel my service online and that the contract will be cancelled as they are not able to assist me with relocation and that I should give one month notice where after I would not be billed. This conversation took place on the 17th of April 2018.
My cancellation was done online on the same day 17th of April with the following references:
0125484048 - 23033724
B310006275 - 23033936
TIN2996727 - 23034431
According to telephonic confirmation with another operator directly after my cancellation he confirmed that it was successful. I again asked if there will be any other amounts due and Telkom confirmed that my last debit order will go off end of April 2018 for the month of May 2018. Telkom however kept on billing me and I spoke to Sicelo with reference number 24277555 on the 30th of July who confirmed my cancelation and also confirmed that I will be credited with the extra monies deducted from my account by Telkom. However I received more invoices and more money was deducted from my account. I was able to reverse some payments deducted. This should have been credited on my account.
Despite numerous phone calls made to Telkom, numerous visits to Telkom stores, numerous emails. All I was told is that this matter would be escalated and that the accounts department will get in contact with me.
In the month of January I received a call from collection attorneys for the first time since 17 April 2018 requesting payment.
Telkom did not came back to me or assisted me with my queries on this account. After all my efforts to solve this matter Telkom kept "escalating" (must be the new word for "We refuse to assist you in any way")
My last email was sent this month to Nomvuyiseko Bontsa this month on the 21st of January..... NO SURPRISE.... no effort to contact me whatsoever.
I also spoke to another operator about a week ago, who told me that he will not be able to assist me, but promised that one of his supervisors will get back to me..... AGAIN NO SURPRISE.... no one got back to me yet.
Latest correspondence was another collection letter from First ever correspondence from Telkom besides Invoices. STILL MY QUERY NOT SOLVED 9 MONTHS LATER AFTER NUMEROUS LONG QUEUES AT TELKOM SHOPS, TELEPHONE CALLS AND EMAILS.
Dear Sir / Madam
According to Telkom's records the above-mentioned amount has to date not yet been paid despite numerous demands for payment.
All telecommunication services rendered by Telkom are subject to Telkom's Standard Terms and Conditions and/or Telkom's Mobile Subscriber
Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be obtained from your nearest Telkom Direct Shop or at the following link:
As per Telkom's Standard Terms and Conditions and/or Mobile Subscriber Terms and Conditions an account rendered by Telkom to a customer
is prima facie proof of the amount due by the customer to Telkom and all such amounts are due and payable on or before the due date
indicated on the account. Telkom's Standard Terms and Conditions and/or Mobile Subscriber Terms and Conditions further stipulates that
Telkom may, and without notice, suspend the service and disconnect the customer's equipment from the electronic communication network, if
the customer has by the due date not paid the amounts due to Telkom.
In so far as fixed line services are concerned, any amount owed by the customer to Telkom not paid on or before the due date indicated on the
account, shall bear interest, compounded monthly, calculated from the date of issue of the account until date of actual payment.
You are hereby accordingly notified that, we reserve the right to proceed with legal actions for the recovery of all outstanding accounts if the
total outstanding overdue amount namely R 1,183.83 is not paid within 14 days from date hereof and/or alternative satisfactory,
arrangements are made for payment. We furthermore reserve the right to list your account details at the credit bureaus. Failure to pay the arrears amount will thus result in the early termination of your Agreement with Telkom due to Breach by yourself in which case the processes, costs and charges associated with such a termination will apply.
In terms of Section 129 (1)(a) of the National Credit Act, should you be unable to pay this debt, you may refer the debt to a debt counsellor, an alternative dispute resolution agent, a consumer court or an ombudsman with jurisdiction to resolve any dispute that you may have in respect of this debt, or to assist you to develop and agree on a plan to bring the payments up to date.
Under the circumstances, we urge you to contact our offices without delay.
Yours faithfully,
How do one solve a query with a company that offers zero customer service??
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