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TELKOM The absolute worse, I am going to make sure every social media knows about your disgraceful cheating service! Firstly your "Help Staff" her name was NWABISA MNYAMANA the so called " HELP STAFF" are so useless that they do not even know anything that is going on MAYBE THEY NEED TO GET EDUCATED! I pay without fail every month my subscription and TELKOM!! STILL HAS THE CHEEK! to tell me that I owe them money when I have printed and sent via email proof of my monthly deduction done by TELKOM. and you cheating *******s have the nerve to turn around and say that " you do not know" of course you know nothing absolutely nothing! I will cancel my services TELKOM and go with a competitor and I ll make sure so will my company and everyone else I know! TELKOM you better get you act together because I promise you I will not stop!!!! YOU BETTER FIX THIS BECAUSE LIKE I SAID I WILL NOT STOP!!!!!!

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Telkom does not read this forum - only the community does.

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