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Telkom is Just losing Customers due to Bad Service and incompetent Staff

I need to migrate my ADSL Line to MWEB so that they can take over my ADSL Line.


Reasons below:

 I requested confirmation of an order based on your January R599 ADSL Special  (Unlimited) which subsequently expired. And based on the below bad experience I dont want Telkom to proceed with my request at all! I told the sales person that I needed confirmation by 31 January for them to process an order for the mGet Unlimted Home Sitch over, but today is 1 February ansd I still have not received any feedback from this person...INCOMPETENCE and time to go to the opposition people.


I tried to do the above on your "Talk to us"online helpdesk and was eventually told to phone 10213 and then she just cut me off. So I phoned phone 10213 and after 1 and a half hours waiting periods they said I am at the incorrect place and must phone Billing on 10210 so I did. After 20 min of holding on, the call was eventually answered and I was told that I am at the incorrect divison and must phone 10213 as the staff at billing can do nothing. Then I just cracked


After arriving home a called them from my landline and waited (holding and trying the other number suggested) for another 2 hours!



Date of Incident: 31/01/2018 and again this morning 1 February 2018
Home Number: 031 9161688
Contact number is 083-375-6670


Next port of call is the Ombudsman, Hellopeter  and where else?  any suggestions?


Solution: : Can Someone Competent from Telkom actually phone me to assist in moving my ADSL line into the Holding Pool, send me the confirmation so that I can inform MWEB accordingly - 


Contact number is 083-375-6670




Please please please

Hopefully there are 1 employee working for Telkom that actually cares.......let's see who can stand up and actually say:  "I believe in excellent customer service and will take ownership and actually resolve this matter!"



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Re: Telkom is Just losing Customers due to Bad Service and incompetent Staff

Unfortunately the standard response I have seen on this group is not very helpful. It basically says this group is not for complaints and is not monitored for that purpose.


They then go on to say then rather use Facebook or Twitter which is monitored. Perhaps HelloPeter is also monitored.


Unfortunately the normal processes DO NOT WORK. This is evident from the number of people who do join this group in the hopes that they may have some joy.


I can empathise from personal experience the real frustration of getting problems solved. Mostly your problem does get solved in the end or at least half solved.


I am not entirely sure if it is because of the pushng and reescalating or would eventually get solved even anyway.


Sorry if I'm being negative. I really wish I could give you a more positive answer.


I really hope that you get Someone Competent from Telkom to give you a call but doubt there is anyone lurking who has the power to do anything different.


Let us know how things work out either way please. I would love to be proved wrong!!!

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Re: Telkom is Just losing Customers due to Bad Service and incompetent Staff

Hi There


Nope  No competent person and/or even the incompetent ones did notcontact me......so what does that tell us??   




I have managed to sway numerous people to NOT use telkom as a service provider.  I have a very LARGE network and a high profile so people tend to trust my judgement.   AND I have the proof that they are useless.....



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Re: Telkom is Just losing Customers due to Bad Service and incompetent Staff

OMW   Telkom...really now....dont tell me that there are really no one competent left in ANY department??


Or change the name to Helkom maybe a better description





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