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10GB data finished quickly

I have a contract with Telkom which is expiring end of May, for these 2 years I've never had a problem with the data, but from last month my data is finished before month end, it finished halfway to the month yet nothing has changed, only 2 phones connect to the WiFi.
This is really frustrating, I need to rather cancel the contract.
How do I go about cancelling it?
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Re: 10GB data finished quickly

I have also encountered similar problem.


Sunday 26/04/2020 I had 500MB left ,I only went into Whatsapp for 2 minutes , the next message I get is that my data has been depleted. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!! Then i buy 1 G , no streaming nothing on background , ONLY Whatsapp on. Guess what my 1 G GONE IN JUST 10 MINUTES. I wouldn't recommend Telkom SA to anyone, there customer care services is not even user friendly, had to climb mountains just to attempt to resolve this issue. Finally , I reach customer care and i am told they cant assist......and cant even refund me . Only thing they can view is that the 1, 5 G was used up but on what , they cant tell. BUNCH OF THIEVES !!!!!!

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