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Awful Service

I recently went onto the telkom website (telkom.co.za) when i came across a smart home and data contract.

The package is a voice and data contract.

it comes with the following

Get the basic tools to connect all your tech for a smart, futuristic result

5 GB Anytime data

5 GB Free Night Surfer data (12am - 7am)

Free Wi-Fi in over 6000 Telkom Wi-Fi hotspots around the country

SIM with 250 MB mobile data

SIM with 50 mobile minutes

Wi-Fi Router Included

So i went ahead and click on call me back.

On friday 15 january 2015 a guy called me back from telkom.

We went throught all the details and he notifed me that it would take 7 to 10 working days for it to come. So i tell notifed him that i will be at work during dis time and he should take down my work address and deliver it to me there.

I have waited for me more than 10 days and so i decided to called them today (01/02/2016) at around 12:30.

The kind lady informed me that my order wasnt even processed yet.

Does it take 2weeks or more for an order to be processed?

I find the service to be absolutely awful.

To get hold of the correct department takes you more than an hour.

Is this the service than telkom gives to there customers?



Navin Roopnarain

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Re: Awful Service

Please make use of these Service channels to follow up:


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Re: Awful Service

I had the exact same expierience. I called in three times in the past three weeks and still waiting for my order to be completed

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