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Can apn settings be sent to Huawei R218h?

Hey guys i am struggling with the call centre today one consultant is telling me one things and someone else another. can anyone help me please. check chat below.


8:41:40 AM You: hello

8:41:47 AMHlengiwe Millic: Thank you for contacting Telkom, you are chatting to Hlengiwe . How may I assist you?

8:42:01 AM You: I hope you can help me

8:42:13 AM You: i have a vodafone R218h pocket modem

8:42:19 AM You: i put my telkom sim in

8:42:37 AM You: my whatsapp worke but i only receive text.

8:42:53 AM You: i called the call centre to request apn sent to my device

8:43:22 AM You: the lady told me she doesnt need to i must just switch it off and on again i did that before i called

8:43:30 AM You: can you help please?

8:43:33 AMHlengiwe Millic: Please download 8ta connect on the telkom website.

8:43:55 AM You: is that the app?

8:44:32 AMHlengiwe Millic: www.telkom.co.za, click get help,connections,8ta connect and follow the steps.

8:44:52 AMHlengiwe Millic: For more information on our products and services, please log on to www.telkom.co.za Or make use of our self service portals .The Telkom app or website or use the USSD (*180#) codes or IVR (Voice prompts).

8:44:53 AM You: thank you

8:45:02 AMHlengiwe Millic: Apart from the original enquiry, is there anything else you need assistance with?

8:45:18 AM You: will this make the modem connect?


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