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D-Link DWM157 Setup & Drivers

Can I please have someone who still owns this modem please reply.

My modem is connecting to my computers, flashes green light showing it reads sim card then quickly shows red & then it doesnt even allow it to show up on my computer and install its drivers so I can get the contents inside its mmc/memory and begin installation.


However I am able to find someway to connect it to the internet but that just limits my speed to child turtle slow Smiley Sad


I need someone who can upload the contents of their DWM157 modem to sites like Googledrive, Datafilehost, etc to name a few & please reply with the link.


Thanks in Advance...

This is how the PC indicates it hears an internet connectionThis is how it just shows up it lets me connects but limits my speeds to like 150kbps-360kbps

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