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DLINK Router and Netgear extender

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I am now connected on my adsl but it seems like my dlink does not want to connect with my netgear ext. i had to reset my dlink and telkom guided me through the steps on the dlink site and then they gave me a new password. so my question now is, now that my dlink was reset what pasword do i use when connecting to the wifi. the one on the router or the one i created before the reset of my dlink?

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Re: DLINK Router and Netgear extender

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@Patsy41 easiest solution is to change the dlink access password to the old one before you reset the router. Just remember to also change the SSID on the dink to the old one you had - and it must be exactly the same - as that is the one the Ext will be searching for.


Or you can reset your Netgear Ext and use the current SSID and password on the dlink Smiley LOL

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Re: DLINK Router and Netgear extender

Thank ou Jkjakes for your reply but tell me what is the SSID? mY DLINK is now working fine but now to get the netgear to work with the DLINK is one hell of a mission for me. I went into the DLINK site like Telkom always guided me and changed my password on there because i thought i must have forgot the password. so when i am up in my room and need to connect to the extender it shows the name of the extender but when i click on it and put the password in like i changed it on DLINK it says wrong password. so what do i do? please help

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