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Fixed Wireless Phone Internet Set Up

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I am a Telkom Pre-Paid customer and received the wireless device stated above (AGP-KW125). It is connected & working as I can make & receive calls with no problems, however I cannot seem to get it connected to the internet. (I have a message on the phone that states that I have 10240megs available) I have tried the settings explained somewhere in this community, but it tells me that the connection failed.

Does anyone have an idea on how to get the thing connected? I have tried the local Telkom shop, dialled 10210, 10213....... Nobody seems to have a clue as to what I'm talking about...


Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Fixed Wireless Phone Internet Set Up

Hi @Robby-G


I’m not familiar with wireless phones but below links might be useful, hopefully not stuff you’ve already seen …


Manual / set up guide with instructions for KW125 usb or wifi tethering :-

Forum thread you may have seen :-


directions on setting up hotspot 

• Press the menu button, navigate to the Connectivity icon (last icon, bottom right), press OK

• navigate down to number 5 (Internet tethering), press OK

• goto no 1 (WLAN Hotspot), press OK

• use the right direction switch until no 1 display On

• navigate to no 4 (security mode), use direction switch to right to change the security mode (either open network or WPA2 PSK)

• if WPA2 psk is chosen navigate to no 5(password) and input a password of your choice

• press save

• press Yes to Share phones Internet connection, it will state Please wait and when ready it will say OK.

Your hotspot is now ready to use.


If you still get no connection try calling 10210 tech dept. Ask them to check your line/signal etc.  & help you connect , otherwise you may have to log a fault ( if so be sure to get a fault ref ). 


Hope this helps. Good luck - please keep us posted re outcome. 

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