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Help required for d-link 2750u router

PLease help.


I did a factory reset on my d-link router and now can't seem to access it at all.


Checked the Ipconfig through the command promt and the default gateway comes up blank???? So how do access my router?


Somebody please help

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Re: Help required for d-link 2750u router



Are you trying to connect via Wifi?


If so, try using an ethernet cable to connect directly to the router.


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Re: Help required for d-link 2750u router

Perhaps you have alrrasdy fixed the problem now?

Did you try


If RiaanS suggestion didnt work, and you Laptop or Device can pick up the router, use the default router IP address to access the web-based configuration utility.


The default user name is "admin" and default passwortd is "admin".




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Re: Help required for d-link 2750u router

You need to enter the properties of the PC network dapter, go to the IPv4 settings, and manually enter the gateway so the network adapter can pick up the default gateway and pass that to the router so you can enter the settings.


If you can advise if you are using windows or apple macosx, then I can explain the steps to do the above

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Re: Help required for d-link 2750u router

Hi, I'm having the same problem. I had internet connection on my router but could not access my router settings at all and was trying to setup the wifi settings to also work. Called the Telkom technical line for assistance and was told to switch the router off while they reset my ports on their side, but after they reset the ports I cannot access the internet via ADSL or wifi now. It has now been a week that I've been calling the technical line almost every day to get at least my ADSL internet working but no luck. When I bring up the ipconfig it does not show my gateway at all.

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Re: Help required for d-link 2750u router

@Dolla sounds like you got 2 problems...

  1. unable to access router (network problem on your PC/router). Check if you can connect and get an IP from your router using the LAN cable, then try via Wifi.
  2. ADSL line problem, line not syncing in which case I hope you logged a fault so a tech can come out
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Re: Help required for d-link 2750u router

Thanks, previously when I used the LAN cable I was able to get an IP address but could not get into the router using the IP it gave me, have not been to connect via WIFI at all. Now after they have reset the Ports at Telkom side I'm not getting anything with either the LAN or the WIFI.

I have logged a fault with Telkom as well, second one actually as the first one never gave me a reference number and just disappeared of the system.

But thanks for your feadback.

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Re: Help required for d-link 2750u router

@Dolla resetting the port on the exchange should have no bearing on whether you can connect to your router. Usually the routers IP is but could be changed to suit your network. Best would be to reset your router back to the factory defaults, use a pin and hold in reset button for about 10 seconds. It will now go back to Plug in via cable and see what your PC lan card picks up.


If this doesnt work, try a different device on the router, like another laptop. You will be trying to see if it is your PC or if it is the router that is the problem.

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