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Huawei B315 Router - How to check usage

Good evening,

Hope someone can assist. I would like to know if there is a way that I can check my usage online. We have a Huawei B315 wifi router.


I have spoken to Telkom they just told me to download the Huawei Hilink App on my phone. This is not much help. There must be a way I can check from either my laptop or PC, when someone is logged in, what the ussage was etc.

There are only 2 of us, we are at work all day no one else at home we only use the internet for about an hour every evening, we do not download anything, mainly WhatApp and cell phone updates about every 3rd week. We do not come out with our 10G of data, it is up at least a week before billing.

Any assistance will be welcomed.


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Re: Huawei B315 Router - How to check usage

Hi @coxlee Have a look at this posthttps://community.telkom.co.za/t5/LTE-3G/How-to-check-how-much-Data-Minutes-Wifi-you-have-left/m-p/7801

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Re: Huawei B315 Router - How to check usage

Hi foks. I have the same question. 

I don not only want to know what data is used or left over at a point in time. (a separate issue with Telkom app).

I want to know where the data went?

Or at the very least, which device has used how much data per hour, day and month?

I use Bitmeter on my laptop but that only goves this info for my laptop, not other devices using the router.


Any ideas please....

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Re: Huawei B315 Router - How to check usage

As I know, the Huawei B315 router doesn't have this function. You may need a third party software to track this. 

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Re: Huawei B315 Router - How to check usage

Hi, did you ever figure this one out? I am also looking to track the users and see who is using the most data. I have the same router and last weekend we used 19GB (just on the Saturday and Sunday) which is baffling me. Interested to know if you came across any app that helped you. 

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Re: Huawei B315 Router - How to check usage

Hi, I'm in the UK. I just spotted this thread. I've been wireless (my home) for 7 years. Mainly had little Huawei 4g routers, but recently I put my sim into a b315. I have 40gb monthly allowance. My data just leaked away! 2gb lost in 24 hours. I just thought it was my own b315, but by looking at this thread, it seems like there's a design fault. It must be chattering with something.
Hope that helps :-(
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Re: Huawei B315 Router - How to check usage

I recently bought also the same router and it looks like we share the same conserns. Anyone changed the router and had different results. I am starting to think maybe it's the router because 30Gb is nothing, it's used up in a day. I tried downloading the app but can't see anyone connected on my router. I think to change router
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