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Re: Huawei LTE B315S unstable connection

I am having the same problem, mine is that the network indicator is constantly cyan but signal strength keeps dropping when router is under load(downloads, streaming and online gaming). I'm due for an upgrade soon so I'm not gonna bother trying to get the issue sorted just yet, first want to see how the new router works here. If it is the router performance or if the router loses connection with the signal tower. Will keep posted
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Re: Huawei LTE B315S unstable connection

God bless me. My Huawei LTE B315s is still working well. 

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Re: Huawei LTE B315S unstable connection

I have exactly the same problem.  I went into the web interface and adjusted the mode to maual and 4g only.  That did not fix the problem.  Still unstable.  The suburb where I live has the strongest signal in the area.  All the signal bars on my B525a roouter is on.  Three days ago I got a brand new B525a router from Telkom, exactly the same problem.

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