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Incorrectly billed and did not receive my data

My account was due for an upgrade and in February 2018 a Telkom sales consultant contacted me to upgrade my smart broadband wireless device. I advised her that I wanted the promotion that was on offer, which was the 40gb day data & 40 gb night data. Which meant I was to receive 80gb of data in total. For R369.00 per month. I then received my new router and checked the data and I had 15 gb day data and 18 gb night data. When I called the customer number the Telkom consultant advised me that I had received pro rata data and on the 1st March 2018. When I received my Telkom bill on the 1st March 2018 my bill had the wrong amounts and wrong product as well as I did not receive 40gb night data and 40gb day data. I actually received 20gb day and 20gb night. I spoke to a Telkom consultant on the 6th March 2018 about this and my query was processed and I was given case number 226483632. I did a follow up a week later and still no one could assist me as I was told my case is still under investigation. It is now the 26th March and I still do not have feedback. I did advise the consultant that if this is not sorted out by this week that I would be putting a stop order on my account. I refuse to pay for something that is incorrect. Please assist?

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