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Integrated data service activation problem

in spite of following many avenues to activate my telkom issued sim card for this service it has not been activated and nobody in telkom seem to be able to do it. i have been put through from department to department without any success. is there anybody out there who may have some knowledge on how to get this done?


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Re: Integrated data service activation problem

There are a few ways to contact Telkom - phone, chat, FB, Twitter or walking into a good ole fashion Direct store ...  my experience has been that you need a good balanced dose of all of these to get something done ... and a lot of patience...

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Re: Integrated data service activation problem

Thanks for your input.


I have done the chat, phone and walked into the Telkom store ( I dont do facebook or twitter ), all with the same result. "We will call you back"  One can now only assume that that promise is made, merely to get rid of you!


As a last resort I went so far as to e-mail the Telkom COO himself without any reaction whatsoever.


The meaning of all this to me is that Telkom has offered me a non-existent service, or am I wrong. 

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Re: Integrated data service activation problem

@ashleyeng please check your Private Messages.

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Re: Integrated data service activation problem

I feel the same as you! After 3 weeks of calling, using the live chat, writing a compliant report on Hello Peter and being promised a call from everyone from the Technical Supervisor to the Sales Supervisor I am still sitting with a plastic card that does sweet blow all. After years of loyal customer support I am going to be serving Telkom with Divorce papers and severing this relationship before I end up a lonely old lady being bled dry by them. Its not worth the money and time spent on it.

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