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LAN Port restrictions

Hi All. I have a new ADSL installation and TElkom provided me with a D Link router. I have a few few computer and houhold gadgets connection via the LAN port and on WiFi. Due to poor WIFI signal in one part of my home, I have been forced to connecte a couple devices via the LAN port which has resulted in me having to make use of a network switch to allow for capacity. It now turns out that Telkom restricts each LAN port to one device and does not allow for the use of a network switch. Tried calling Telkom and got the run around from one department to another as per ususual. Eventually got two departments on a conference call and Technical then admitted that Telkoms locks LAN ports for use of one device. This does allow for use of a switch. When questioned, technical tells me that it is ilegal to use a network Switch (which by the way is leagally sold in South Africa). I have tried this type of connection on an MWEB LTE router and it works perfectly fine. Can anyone verify TElkoms claims of the Network switch being ilegal and how I can go about having the port opened. thanks in advance.

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