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LIT TVB-100 and Netflix - any updates?


I'm a new LIT user, and I'm impressed with the video and sound quality, but frustrated by the gaps in the offering. 

From what I've read, we should not expect Netflix to certify the LIT or many other Android TV boxes. Netflix seems to lack the will or the capacity to do so. So we are stuck with the best generic "You’re device isn’t compatible with this version" apk. I'm currently running a version 5.3.1 which I've been unable to add to the main menu. It works after a fashion, but with lots of quirks, especially around menu navigation.

Who is still using their LIT for Netflix, and what apk version?

Any tips on how to remove the preloaded Neflix client and replace it with a downloaded one?



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Re: LIT TVB-100 and Netflix - any updates?

Hi There


Have someone maybe helped you from the time you posted this question? If not, here is a few steps you can take:


For removing any apps off Android(tv included), you just have to go settings, apps an search for the app listed there, then go into the app and just uninstall. If it is a system app (like google play music etc), it can't be completely removed, but rather be disabled.


The version 5.3.1 you are talking about, seems to have been sideloaded (usually apps not found in the play store, but rather the APK files downloaded from an online source and then installed). There are two ways about going to view it, 1st, install a app called TV Repo from the play store and via that you can create "short cuts" on the home screen and then access the sideloaded apps. 2nd method is the simple one, just download sideload launcher from the playstore and it will show all your sideloaded apps.


To make it easier for you to get a good netflix watching experience, try to get hold of a Netflix apk called Netflix android tv 3.2.2 mod apk, this is a apk that was modded for the non-L1 widevind certified devices (Netflix requires this to run on android tv devices). It is a android tv apk that works, but sometimes it does have it quirks.


The Netflix android apk's are meant for celluler devices, so it does work great great on the lit media player, but you have to contantly use the included airmouse. Also there are other remotes you can buy that will make it easier to use phone apk's on android tv.


Also, what you can look for is a apk store called APK pure, it also works good on the lit box or aptiode tv.


I also would suggest you follow this thread, , here you can read through most problems people are experiencing and solutions for the media player.

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Re: LIT TVB-100 and Netflix - any updates?


last night my LIT told me there was an update available. I only installed this morning.
It appears that NETFLIX has now been added as it appears on the new main menu.
I have not checked version, but I had to dp username password again to get it working, so I doubt it's the old version from the APK I installed before.

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