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Linking to home network of extenders via HSPA when ADSL is down

I have been without ADSL and land line connectivity for 4 days now and have no idea when Telkom wil resolve this.  Have registered the fault, chased, escalateed, spent 3 hours listeniong mostly to call centre music, etc and still no joy.


The person at the Telkom shop says I can put my HSPA Dongle (has its own sim card) into the back of the ADSL main router and it will overide ADSL and allow me to browse the web and feed into the home network of extenders.  I plugged it in but nothing seems to happen.  can some one pse advise me as to how I make this option work.



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Re: Linking to home network of extenders via HSPA when ADSL is down

We feel your pain ... welcome to the community..


If we are going to be able to advise you on the problem you face you will need to share more info.  What is the make and model of the HSPDA dongle you are trying to use, and what is the make and model of the router you are trying to plug this into.  Not all routers allow for wireless modems to be used together with ADSL as a backup, and not all dongles can be used with all routers ....  let's start there - you will also need this info when you want to get help from Telkom, and I would suggest that you get access to the manuals of these devices - and start reading up on them ....


We have also figured out so far that the best way to contact Telkom is via email - support@telkomsa.net - we also suggest that you give them the following info:

0.A reference number if you already have one

1.Your Phone Number

2.Your Account Number

3.Your ADSL line speed you pay for.

4. What you require them to do.

5. Your Cell Number,Your email address

6. Wait

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Re: Linking to home network of extenders via HSPA when ADSL is down

Tx for that.  Last week I spent 3 hours of my Vodacom contract time trying to rsolvethe lost connectivity, I have spent hours in a queue to discuss the HSPA, my Bnb guests have had no WiFi,my homebusienss has had no WiFi so at every level it has been a disaster.  My connectivity went down last week Monday and only on Sunday did a technician identify the possible area wher the problem was.  I had no meaningful communicationre my fault from Telkomuntil Friday.  Cables near the exchange were faulty.  It is now Wed (10 days later) and I still have no connectivity.  I have howver managed to resolve the HSPA issues so I am now using additional data I had to buy to connect.  So 10 days with connectivity andit has cost me a fortune and frustrated my international visitors.  I am moving to a wireless option with Nexus asap and will encourage everyone I know to do the same.

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