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My D-link DSL G 225

Good day;


I need help please, I have had the technician out to my house twice, and every time he says its the Modem even the call centre agent agree because when they plug in the technician's modem then all works perfectly. I have gone to the Telkom store in Cresta twice to test my modem & the lady showed me that she can connect to my modem there and says there is nothing wrong with my D-link DSL G 225...


Gone home and plugged in my modem and still nothing. It connects via Wi Fi but says no internet access. This is the third week battling to get my internet back on. Please i have connected to the but all looks filled in & correct to me.


Please help!

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Re: My D-link DSL G 225

Hi Ilanab


There are two things here, COnnecting to the WIFI, and Connecting to the internet.

It seems you are able to connect to WIFI from you phone/laptop - correct?

At the store, were they able to access the internet from your modem? For me, conneting to the Modem means simply that, and not to the internet.

When you access the - this then tells me your wifi is perfect...

I think there is a field there that shows the internet connectivity...Not so sure, but if you go to WAN settings or WAN info, you should see a WAN IP address, it should start with a 197...or a 165, but see what it has filled in.

Could you send screen shots as well? You can post them in here for us to see...we can start here.


All the best till then...



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Re: My D-link DSL G 225

Hi @Ilanab


I had similar issues with Telkom D-link G 225 after a speed upgrade . Router seemed fine as all devices connected to wifi signal but no internet.


I had no clue what router settings should be so I called 10210. Took a while to get through but tech dept. was very helpful . They talked me through steps to configure/reset router on ‘ quick setup wizard’ (via wifi connection to They also reset something at their side and internet was restored.


If you’re still battling it might be worth trying 10210 , good luck !

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Re: My D-link DSL G 225

Thanks will try again. I have spoken to the call centre guys a few times with out luck. Was there at the telkom shop in Cresta 3x times again last week, the lady keeps checking and setting up the modem but when i get home it doesnt work. She said its my line but the technical people was there twice and they even left a test modem at my home to use while i am busy sorting out my modem. The lady at Telkom is still convinced that it is my line and not my modem.


I personally think that every time the modem gets switched off the settings goes out because on the web page it doesnt give me the option to go to the set up wizzard. For now i am useing the test modem at home where i can for the first time in almost 3 weeks use my internet and stream.



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Re: My D-link DSL G 225

Hi Makapaka;


Will send you the uploads tonight i have videos on the different modems that is connected the test modem is working perfect but the other one connects via Wi fi to my phone and laptop but no internet connection. In store once the technical lady goes in on her side and sets some settings my modem was still not working in store. She revused to book my modem in with out the cables i had to go back home get the cables and come back. Then she re connected the modem did some settings again and it worked she send me back home with the same modem and when i connected it at home nothing worked.


I took videos of this. I will take screen shots and post them to you when i get home. Currently i am using the Modem the guys left at my house to proof that it is not a fault on my line. I did do a test to test line but it stops with a red error, when i called the 10210 line they said that i have a faulty modem as they can ping to the tester modem but not my modem and that i should take it in to Telkom. Its very

Frustrating to go to telkom shops and stand there for hrs just to be send home with the same issue.


I do appreciate your feedback. Will communicate with you soon.

Thanks very much


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Re: My D-link DSL G 225

Hi @Ilanab,

Jeez, you must be climbing the walls!


Good to hear the techs left you a working ‘ test’ device meanwhile - hope it’s there as long as you need it. 


After 4 Telkom techs and 10210 have confirmed the router issue and their test router works on your line it seems beyond comprehension that the shop still refuse to swap the device for you .


Just a thought - 10210 issued me several new ‘user ‘passwords during my repeated router resets & reactivations. I discovered later that they’d connected me on “ guest’ accounts. Presumably the shop connects your router to internet on a different ‘user’ password ,  so you could check if your Telkom user password was changed for your router connection from home ?


That’s all I got ,  I hope @makapaka can help you unravel this soon.

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Re: My D-link DSL G 225

[ Edited ]

I have a G 225 router linked to a 10Mb fibre line. The line is stable and Netflix on LAN cable never has an issue. 

When I have 2-3 devices on Wifi which pulls close to 10Mb the router last less than 15min before it boms out. Only a manual restart fix this. 

I believe the G225's WiFi capability is not matching the 10Mb fibre line. 

I had Telkom and Open Serve techs at my house twice. Send in the router for repairs (tech report say no faults reported). Bought a new router. Redone the system set-up. Removed cordless phone and other devices.... everything. 


What now?

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Re: My D-link DSL G 225

Hi Jannothnagel;


I understand your frustration.


Had to get a new router from the tech guys because the store also refused to take my d-link modem saying it works in their shop. So it must be my line and not the modem. I even had a video recoring to proof to the lady at the store that my line was not  at fault the new router works perfectly but the d-link is really not a good modem.


I suggest if your new router also is not working then the tech guys needs to come and check the line at your house. Be there to explain what is wrong and let them show you that is working perfectly from their side. Log a new call with Telkom to send them back to your house to check why its disconnecting.


Good luck hope it gets sorted!


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