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Order not received

I ordered the Huawei mate 20 pro that comes with the huawei gear watch the 29th of October. As arranged the sales person would deduct the debit order the 30th and arrange delivery within 5 working days. To date I have not received any feedback, nor confirmation of delivery of the devices. I am very unhappy with the service. And do not know what I should do, because after e-mailing telkom I received a reply saying only to contact 10213 and held on for about 30min twice a day for 3 days in a row. That is ridiculous. Now I need to know whether I will receive my order as pre-ordered for R699 pm and to date I am still awaiting a satisfactory answer.
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Re: Order not received

Hi @Monique3

Sorry to hear this , extremely frustrating for you . Unfortunately can’t help much re service issues ( we’re customers in the forum), but you should have received confirmation by now so it really sounds like there’s an issue. 

Try messaging a complaint with your order details to a Telkom social media team for decent response & feedback. They usually revert quickly.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps , good luck - please let us know what happens.

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Re: Order not received

Hi Monique


I also pre-ordered the same deal also on the 29 Oct... i received the phone on the 07 Nov... but still waiting on the watch... I have called 10213 about 10 times and every time i called it was a different story??? one said they will escalate the problem and an agent should call me back within 72 hours..its now 2weeks gone, another said i need to collect a voucher to redeem and should 081180 to find out the process... called them and they say they have no idea what im talking about??? called 10213 to try and speak to a manager... the manager was busy and said would call back... 2 days gone still waiting for the manager.... it's ridiculous, Does anybody know how I can get a hold of a copy of the recording and online manager to rectify.... real frustrating.

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