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Prepaid MiFi router deal

On the telkom website they advertise a "Telkom 3G Mi-Fi router with internet starter pack 12GB" for R649. I've been eyeing this deal for a long, long time. In November I went to Port Elizabeth specially to buy me one and the staff at the Telkom shop, The Bridge were rather rude. First the lady had no idea what I was talking about, called someone else. I showed them the deal on the website, they said I must get it online. I pointed out that it explicitly state "Get it in store" Then I got shoed out of the shop, because they are to busy. I also tried Telkom shop at Bay West, they couldn't help either. So does anybody here know where and how I can get this deal, PLEASE. Could one perhaps order it online? I'm not so keen on going all the way to PE to visit a Telkom shop, but if I know for sure I can get what I'm looking for, I will.
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