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Problem with ADSL router

Hi there,

I work at a nursery school and we have had no internet since last week Wednesday. We had a heavy rain storm on Wednesday afternoon and after that the router didn't want to work anymore. I have called Telkom Customer Care service 12 times already and still nothing has been done about my problem. We are a business and it is really urgent that we get a technician sent out to us a.s.a.p.


If anyone has more info about this problem I'm experiencing, please msg me back!

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Re: Problem with ADSL router

Hi Voetjies


Sorry to here about your Problem,

ADSL Routers:

1. Always have both the plug and the tel line connected to a surge/lightning protector even a ground strike can induce a cuurent into your elec/tel cable and fry it)

2. Make sure during a storm it is disconnected (surest way to save it)

3. Insure it, (Telkom is not responsible for a cooked ADSL router) and I've had a few in my daySmiley Sad

4. If you did buy it from Telkom, I'm sorry, you need to buy another. If another supplier then get it replaced.

5. Clearline may a great surge supressor with adsl line built in I use them all the time and the great benefit is that you get a FREE R15000 insurance policy if anything connected to it blows because of lightning. Pretty COOL hey?


Okay so to the problem at hand:

Login to the ADSL web interface or or any combination of those from the manual.

does your pc fine the webserver? If not the ADSL router is toast

If the ADSL light does not flash after boot up it's mostly fried.

Does the line attached to the ADSL Modem have a phone on it? if not attach a handset.

Dial tone?

Line is fine?, Router Cooked

I'm sorry to sound so blase about it but Iv'e kicked myself many a time for leaving an item plugged in not attached to a surge suppressor

but forget once in a while. I hoped this helped to explain what may have happenedSmiley Sad





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