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Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

I ordered a product on the 13th May and was contacted immediatly for instalation the next day on the 14th Vumatel came through and laid my fibre  i have since been waiting for telkom to get back to me with regards to my router delivery  i called several times and was given inacurate information further more they still tell me that my issue will be resolved in 24 hours  i called on the 04 April and was given this Reference number  243178838 and the gentlemens name was Adam Jacobs who assisted and said his supervisor will get involved but i still have no feedback this is terrible service

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Re: Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

Hi. Just checking if you have managed to resolve your issue

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Re: Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

Same Problem. Reference numbers and promises and then "no order has been placed for your router" So Very Sad

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Re: Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

Hi @Sharmaine


Keep the faith - sympathy to you , infinite patience needed but worth perservering for as long as it takes.  After a couple of nightmare weeks our Telkom fibre upgrade / connection was completed - zero issues for over  a year since.

We were on Openserve line / Telkom ISP so I'm not sure what Vumatel will do to escalate for you.


Start by messaging a detailed complaint to a Telkom media team below and email a copy to support@telkom.co.za for decent feedback & results . include your order no.,  previous Telkom & Vumatel refs / dates / case numbers,  and request urgent escalation .


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps. Good luck & hope you're up & running soon . Please let us know what happens .

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Re: Router and Vumatel 20Meg fibre line deal

Hi. Email to support@telkom.co.za came back undeliverable. Did the Facebook
on Friday...lets see. Will try twitter too. Call centre gave assurances
that modem will be delivered in this week but also worried as to when
connection will be ok. BTW icing on the cake- ADSL router died at last
storm so no internet/ wifi since...Thanks again Kathy
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