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Router return and pick up

I am a pensioner and have only switched on the router once. I decided to cancel the contract when the router was not working. Someone did it online for me and i also did it telephonically all within 7 days. This was in April and and I have heard nothing from Telkom. I have called at least once a week and I get the same response- they will pick up the router according to the call centre. I am still waiting for the pickup of the router. In the meantime Telkom shows no regard for the elderley who have sacrificed so much for our country and are currently charging me every month for a service I am not using. I have not used the router except for ten minutes in April when it was working but I am still being charged every month. I wish they showed the same enthusiasm as when they sold me the device as when I am trying to cancel it. It all feeels so unfair. 

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