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Re: TVB-100 LIT BOX OS Upgrade

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Re: TVB-100 LIT BOX OS Upgrade

The suggested solution is to call them 010 980 0005 


They'll try and tune you it's a 4k resolution issue...If that doesn't work you'll need to take the device to a Telkom shop for a flash. 

Ideally, you need the receipt for the device, as it needs to be within the year of warranty. 


They'll ask for the device S/N number provide a reference number and sorted. 

Still awaiting the return of device... so no ETA on how long this takes. 


For apps that aren't working, they are able to push updates OT as well. 


Hope this helps! 

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Re: TVB-100 LIT BOX OS Upgrade

Hi Mine did upgrade last night came halfway and failed , only power red light on now nothing works , gonna try phoning Balthazars number and aee whats gonna happen
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